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Love Your Workout Hypnosis / Guided Imagery CD

Brand Mind Power Unlimited
Category Sports
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  • Tired and Unmotivated About Working Out?!?! Do You Need Some Motivation and Stimulation to Get You Into the Healthy Habit of Working Out?!?
  • This Audio Program Will Get You Motivated To Work Out Regularly!
  • Exercise and working out will bring about the permanent changes you want in your life. Allow this CD Program to work for you NOW!
  • The Guided Imagery and psychoacoustics on this recording are incredibly effective. Compare it to anything you may have heard or used in the past and you will find this CD program to be one of the most powerful and well produced CDs you have ever heard!
TESTIMONIAL!! "An A+ Rating for ME!! I began listening to this product about 2 months ago. I had joined a gym and went only twice in the first month. I realized that I was totally unmotivated and unhappy with myself. I simply could not get myself into the car and over to the gym. Within one week of listening to this CD, I was looking forward to my workouts, and I was seeing results. My metabolism changed, and I was excited about working out! I was starting to take walks in the morning before work and I was eating healthier foods. I owe that to this CD. I have lost 12 pounds and counting!" Cathy W. Tampa, FL ~This audio CD program assists you in changing your thoughts about exercise, working out and your lifestyle. You can reprogram your subconscious to change unhealthy eating and exercise routines. You subconsciously have negative associations about exercise. Now, use the power of your subconscious mind to become motivated to move! Undo the negative patterns and reprogram your subconscious mind. The extra pounds will begin to disappear. Your life will change! The hypnosis tracks are powerful and designed to bring about safe, healthy and permanent changes in your life. Proper production, recording, scripting, and duplication are vital in creating such a powerful product. Use only the BEST! Trust Mind Design technology and expertise. This Audio Program is perfect for use while going to sleep at night. It will help you fall asleep and promotes better, healthier sleep. You will awake refreshed and motivated to Exercise and Work out on your following day. Energy and focus is vital to develop, manage and maintain a workout routine. This Audio Program is a perfect way to get motivated and STAY motivated!!